Nico Pendzialek


Hello friends and visitors,   

News in the Earthdawn Corner again,

after four month of translation and corrections my brother
Claus finished up his fabulous work. So my earlier fanwork
"Verborgene Talente" is now also available in english. It's
called "Hidden Talents"

Older news:
Just finished up the ne fanzine called "Mystic Bonds"
it's free for download under its section. Enjoy!

Older news:
The "Poor-Attack-Test-Table" is finished and free to 
download under its section. It's useable by all Earthdawn
Editions, from 1st up to the newly Revised Edition from FASA.

Also feel yourself invited to take a look
at my two german fanworks for Earthdawn:

"Verborgene Talente"

"Barsaive's Bestiarium"


Have Fun and Enjoy!

Nico Pendzialek

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